Daily Archive for May 24th, 2003

Can you get a headache from eating too much garlic?

Last night, my Hunny and I were able to spend a few quality hours together in the evening. The plan was originally to go watch the Matrix: Reloaded, but instead, we had dinner and went shopping at Costco. God, we’re so boring sometimes.

But any awake-time I get to spend with Hunny is great, mostly because with my job(s) & long commute, I’m always excessively tired & turn rapidly into a babbling idiot in the evenings.

Since I got to leave work early yesterday, we planned to go to dinner at one of our favorite eateries (right across the street from Costco!), Alejo’s. They have this signature fresh garlic oil that would ward off vampires for miles. I eat tons of it every time I go and reek for garlic for days. It’s a total dive, located in a strip mall next to a donut shop. But the prices are pretty reasonable & you get decent-sized portions. We go there even though they got a “B,” which is slightly disconcerting, but as Hunny pointed out, “It’s ok. Garlic kills everything!” (I love the Daily Bruin’s headline: Alejo’s cuisine stinks thanks to the goodness of garlic)

After we finished up at Costco, Hunny sat in bed reading the “Trading SpacesBehind the Scenes book that was purchased at Target earlier that day. (I’m going to pretend like Hunny WASN’T looking at Genevieve and Amy Wynn’s boobs.) I sat in front my of computer and chatted with Mikey2 and he said that “If it were a Friday night and I were home with my Hunny… I’d wanna cuddle or sumfin.”

Well, me too, but we both reeked of garlic. “Get away” were the last words that Hunny had said to me before banishing me out of the bedroom. I fully intended to (and did) get my snugglies a little later when my garlic breath was pointed in the OPPOSITE direction.

I should never eat so much garlic at one sitting. I had the strangest nightmare last night involving being stuck in a baseball stadium and going up and down stairs in a tiny stairwell that was only big enough for one person at a time. And there was some mattress-testing (not THAT, you perv, like seriously, “What do you think of this mattress?”) going on at my nightmare-workplace. My nightmare-boss was a crusty, old, white dude who kept asking me to answer the phones in Mandarin.

I’m thinking all that was at least partially garlic-induced. I’m thinking that this headache I’m currently nursing is, too.

I woke up still rank of garlic, but at least I know there was no “unwanted vampirism” (as Mike put it) in my dreams.

I’m going to stink for days.


Just added blogasm to my blogroll…

I put on my robe and wizard hat.

I was surfin’ Ernie’s mini-blog (how cool is it that he has a mini blog?!?!) and saw a link to this. Eric Rice rules!

Maybe I need to get myself one of those shirts!

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