Daily Archive for May 18th, 2003

Yes, the comments work

Ok, there are some screwy, screwy things going on with my blog.

I know there are abundant error messages, but rest assured, your comments are posted.

They may not be emailed to me like they used to, but they’re there.

Recovering from last night…

What a big couple of days in terms of my blogging life.

First off, thanks to gingersmack for the new look. Doesn’t she rock!? She stayed up LATE fixing it and when I woke up this morning, there was a wonderful surprise for me!!!

Sorry about the fucked up blank page you were all getting for the last couple of days.

Remember what I was saying about me being a mooch? Evidently Mike’s server space was totally full & when MT tried to rebuild it went all kooky.

I get all kinds of scary error messages now when trying to update my blog. I may be forced to move after all.

AND THEN, there was the Meatspace last night. And I’m still recovering from Yvonne spending the night.

But I’m off to work now… more later. :)


That’s all I can say. At least it’s not a blank white page anymore.

Ok off to put Yvonne to bed now…

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