Daily Archive for May 14th, 2003

A little birdie…

… got smashed and smashed at me on Mother’s Day.

My Brother (a part-time badminton coach) and I played badminton for 2 and a half hours on Mother’s Day. He beat my sorry ass into the ground without even breaking a sweat.

I’m so competitive, but so pathetically out of shape. I haven’t even held a racquet since high school and yet I was DETERMINED to win. It was a sad, sad sight. Obviously, the outcome of the game was not exactly favorable in my direction.

That same night, I could feel the soreness in my right arm setting in. I knew it was going to be bad when I had a hard time holding my toothbrush up and I couldn’t control how much toothpaste was being squeezed out of the tube. There was a giant blob of Crest in the sink when I was done brushing.

Three days later, i’m still sore. In parts of my body I didn’t even realize I used while running around trying to whack birds. Ow.

Pathetic beyond words.

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