Daily Archive for May 12th, 2003

Need tech help

I need to know how to network a PC and a Mac together so they can share a DSL connection. Buying a router is not an option (unless someone wants to send one to me as a tax deduction). Would be best if I could share files. I have a Mac that likes to crash & a new PC that runs XP. I want to move everything on the Mac to the PC, but still have the Mac as another workstation for someone else to do some database work. Help.

I also need to set up a photoblog that can accept comments. (This is not pictures of/by me… this is a favor to someone else.) I will not do a photoblog for myself until I get a digital camera that doesn’t suck ass.

And I need to know good, cheap hosting services to handle said photoblog. I also need to know a good, cheap service where I can register a new domain name. Cheap. Good. Cheap.


UPDATE: As you can tell, my awesome friend Mike is hosting my blog for free, because he’s awesome. I’m trying to figure out a way if I can afford to not be a mooch. If there are good hosting prices, I may migrate to my own URL… just a thought!

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