Daily Archive for May 9th, 2003

“Naked Ravioli”

I swear to god that the words “Naked Ravioli” just came out of my boss’ mouth during a business phone conversation.

I mean, it’s a real dish and all, but geez… I don’t wanna hear those words at work!

It’s not like I work in a restaurant or a strip joint!

I think I’m in love.

I bet these little ones are already gone.


But [swoon!] I’m in love!

pup2.jpg “Look at my belly! It’s nice and round and snuggle-able!”

pup3.jpg “I’m cute and I know it. Take me home with you. Now.”

pup4.jpg “Check out my awesome paws. I’ll grow to be a big, strappin’ dog.”

pup5.jpg “Someday they’ll call me Bowser, Hound of the Wild.”

pup6.jpg “I call this look ‘Blue Steel.'”

pup7.jpg Synchronized Munching

pup8.jpg DOG PILE!!!
(Thanks to Mike for the last few captions.)

Check out the # below if you’re around L.A. and want to adopt one.

UPDATE: The pups have all found homes already!

The story of the pups below…
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I was a good fish mom

Yes, this is SUPPOSED to be blurry. It’s called art. Deal with it, or buy me a digital camera.

Yes, lay on the “You go, girl”s! I need high-fives aplenty! Tell me I was an awesome fish mom last night! Go on, you know that I was!

I am happy to announce that last night I was a good fish mom and cleaned the tank. I was disappointed that I had to say bye-bye to one of my fishies, though I’m fairly certain the ‘fishie reign of terror‘ is now officially over.

I even cleaned the homes of all four of the bettas.

Of course, I hadn’t cleaned the tank in like a month or so. We’ll just pretend like I hadn’t been neglecting them this whole time.

And we’ll also pretend I also didn’t have a sushi/sashimi dinner the same night that I was being such a good fish mom. (I blame Courtney for planting THAT idea into my head!)

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