I admit it.

There is actually a Hollywood film that I’m excited to see.

It’s not X2: X-Men United. (Not that I’m not interested, it’s just that I’m not EXCITED.)

It IS the Matrix: Reloaded. I can only imagine how much extra traffic dear krixy is getting to her site (aside from me looking at all the new stuff there, that is).

And I’m going to make it a point to see Better Luck Tomorrow by the end of next week.

I can’t believe I might actually spend money to see a movie or two.


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6 Responses to “I admit it.”

  • X2 far exceeded my expectations. Of course, I’m a geek, so…yah…

    Matrix has me hyped. Which is why I’ll probably have a series of webcam shots along the same theme on my site for the next week. lol

  • Mike, I dig your ubah Neo!

  • *blush*

    I can say “Whoa” and everything!

  • I’d love to go see MR, but there ain’t a cinema for miles.. *sob*

    I wonder if I can email myself over to you, Joz, and go watch it with ya?

  • Okay… looking forward to Matrix. Saw X2, wasn’t impressed much. As for Matrix, I’m waiting three weeks after it comes out because it will be on the IMAX screen here. But, they aren’t going to advertise, we got an inside source. They want everyone to see it first then come in and pay ten bucks to see it on the IMAX screen… *sigh*

  • Enjoy! Hugs, Lil x

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