Daily Archive for May 8th, 2003

I admit it.

There is actually a Hollywood film that I’m excited to see.

It’s not X2: X-Men United. (Not that I’m not interested, it’s just that I’m not EXCITED.)

It IS the Matrix: Reloaded. I can only imagine how much extra traffic dear krixy is getting to her site (aside from me looking at all the new stuff there, that is).

And I’m going to make it a point to see Better Luck Tomorrow by the end of next week.

I can’t believe I might actually spend money to see a movie or two.


The Revolution is ON!

Last Friday night, we saw the one & only Margaret Cho at the Wiltern on her “Revolution” Tour.


I’ve never seen her more adorable! I vote that she always wear her hair in braided pigtails. I know that OutOutBlogger was there on Saturday night… did she have pigtails that night, too?

Now if you haven’t seen this show, this is what you missed…

…Margaret now tackles the axis of evil, her travels through Thailand’s red light district, the explosion of child birth, bartering sex for household chores, revolutionizing your self-esteem, the joy of bodily functions, her loser ex-boyfriend, and of course, her world-famous mother, plus much more that cannot be printed… (excerpted from her press release about the tour).

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