Just one of those days…

I’m grateful that people put up with me… What a pain I am!

Here’s to a better day today!
From yesterday’s chat with dj mofo

Me: I’m just having one of those days
Her: it will get better
Me: i forgot my lunch, forgot to take lunch early enough so i could leave the lot, missed the lunch truck, didn’t have change for the vending machine. And burnt the popcorn I popped because I was too busy watching “people’s court” instead of watching my popcorn in the microwave.
Her: i say time to go home
Me: It’s not even 2pm here yet!
Her: baaa just go ‘i’m not taking it’ and leave
Me: If I could, I would!
Me: [SIGH]
Her: what
Me: eating cup noodles ramen. i bet i’ll throw up later
Her: nice. why?
Me: i get sick when i eat junk like this
Her: then why are you eating it?
Me: because my popcorn is burnt

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