Daily Archive for May 7th, 2003

My encounter with Bernie Mac

Today, I was talking to the receptionist in our lobby when Bernie Mac & his entourage showed up to a meeting with the big whigs. Bernie was wearing (I shit you not) a bright mustard-colored suit with a matching hat. He actually looked good, even though he resembled a giant bottle of French’s.


Bernie walked right up to me, put his arm around me and said, “Hey there! How are you today?” (because we’re best friends and shit, you know).

I put my fake I’m-smiling-even-though-I-don’t-like-your-show-that-much-smile on my face and started to shoot the shit with him, since D (the receptionist) was about to get on the phone to let the big cheese know that Bernie was here. Before D had a chance to get a dial tone, the big glass doors to the executive offices swung open and a swarm of people came out with their schmoozy smiles and handshakes.

I got caught in the cross-fire of greetings. Bernie’s people were saying hi to the big whigs and vice-versa. And somebody actually GUSHED to Bernie about his current show on Fox (it wasn’t me, I swear).

I was too busy trying not to be crushed and trampled in all the oozing and schmoozing.

I’m happy to report, I made it out alive. Whew!

Just one of those days…

I’m grateful that people put up with me… What a pain I am!

Here’s to a better day today!
From yesterday’s chat with dj mofo

Me: I’m just having one of those days
Her: it will get better
Me: i forgot my lunch, forgot to take lunch early enough so i could leave the lot, missed the lunch truck, didn’t have change for the vending machine. And burnt the popcorn I popped because I was too busy watching “people’s court” instead of watching my popcorn in the microwave.
Her: i say time to go home
Me: It’s not even 2pm here yet!
Her: baaa just go ‘i’m not taking it’ and leave
Me: If I could, I would!
Me: [SIGH]
Her: what
Me: eating cup noodles ramen. i bet i’ll throw up later
Her: nice. why?
Me: i get sick when i eat junk like this
Her: then why are you eating it?
Me: because my popcorn is burnt

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