Daily Archive for May 4th, 2003

Have a helping of SARS?

I’ve been resisting the urge to blog about the war, SARS, & good ol’ Dubya (you know, scary things).

Last night, my Uncle G had his 60th birthday party in a Chinese restaurant in Rowland Heights (large Asian population).

The dinner conversation revolved around SARS… what kind of face mask is preferable… how they take your temperature at the airport… how people get it… etc. Not at all appropriate dinner conversation material, IMO.

My other Uncle S is on his way back to Taiwan for a short trip & my Mom and Auntie (S’s two younger sisters) nagged him about drinking water, taking vitamins, etc, etc while on his trip. His wife says he’ll be quarantined for two weeks after he gets back… he’ll be sleeping in the dog house with their golden lab.

But I still like Margaret Cho’s line from her show on Friday night.

She’d been in Toronto for her tour and everybody was worried about SARS… Severe Asian Racism Syndrome.

She said that when she got off the plane, people saw her and put on their little face masks. The rest of that bit can’t be conveyed via words, but suffice it to say, it was hilarious.

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