Daily Archive for May 1st, 2003

Happy May Day!

My blog idol Joelle said today “Go find a pole to dance around or something. It just occurred to me that strippers celebrate May Day every day.”

I realized that I have no acceptable pole around which I can dance.

But then I remembered that Don and Mike had a public service announcement a little while back about this…

Perfect for all you do-it-yourself-ers!

My brain really DID barf, I think…


Yesterday it was my back (yes, it still hurts, but it’s amazing what 3 Midol will do for you).

Today, I have a sharp-shooting pain in my left ear. I think my brain is overwhelmed and it just had to hurl.

Ow. Ow. Ow.

Go Lakers! Go Laker Girl!

Tonight the Lakers are playing another game in their ‘Quest for Quatro’ and since I might not be able to catch the game, I know Yvonne will be rooting for the Lakers TWICE AS HARD (if that’s possible) on my behalf.

Here’s a little something for Yvonne.

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