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If you’re going to have a dog, don’t be a dumbass.

We decided that we were going to take my ring back to the jeweler today to have a new sapphire matched & put in to replace the MIA rock.

As Hunny and I were heading home this afternoon to get the ring, we were surprised to see a big ol’ rottie running all over the street. She was wearing a harness (which was obviously doing her absolutely no good at the moment) and was running all over the (very busy) street, nearly being hit by cars on more than one occasion.

Our friend Sharky the Kid (you may have seen her comments here and there) has several neighbors with rotties, so we called her to ask if she’d call and check that the doggies were at home. When I got to her block, her neighbors were outside saying their doggies were ok. They were still very concerned and got in their car to see if they could figure whose rottie was loose.

Meanwhile, Hunny was back by the park, trying to chase the loose rottie down & keep her out of the street, as well as off of the baseball field where many children were playing their little league games.

In the end, the loose rottie DID run into the baseball fields (ACK), which turned out to be a good thing. Her dad was watching one of the baseball games.

It turns out he had come to watch a game but did not realize that it was a “no dogs allowed” field, so he left her in his truck with the windows rolled halfway down. Of course, she freaked out and jumped out of the window & that’s where we found her roaming the streets. I’m not sure if I feel good that the not-loose-anymore rottie was going home with someone so dumb. Oh well.

It was worth 30 minutes of our day to know that the rottie was not going to be roadkill. Happy endings rule.

No rock


Do you think I’ll ever stop looking?

Everytime I walk around my office, or down the halls, or up the stairs, or across the parking lot, or get in my car, I will be looking for my rock.

I just know it.

Just as sucky…

as Bootsy being MIA

is that one of the deep-blue, heart-shaped sapphires that flanked the diamond of the ring that Hunny gave me is MIA!!!


Mikey2 and I were talking about the ring he’s going to buy me (if his Mom thinks it’s good enough for me) and I looked down at my perfect, beautiful ring from Hunny and *ACK!* missing stone! Upon closer inspection, it looks like one of the prongy-thingies holding the stone in broke off & bye-bye rock. I thought platinum wasn’t supposed to break, dammit.

I’d have burst into tears had my boss not been sitting within hearing range in the next office.

It’s nowhere on my desk and if it’s not in the office, then there is no hope of me ever finding it. Stooopid blue-grey carpet in the office. I didn’t even bang or smash my hand on anything, that I can remember.

I’m going to have to stay late until after my boss leaves the office to crawl around on my hands and knees before the cleaning crew comes to vacuum.

[Say a little “hope-Joz-finds-her-rock wish” for me!]

I also miss…


He’s MIA & I don’t like it one bit.

Any ideas what might have happened to him?!

I miss Eric…

Eric is on hiatus right now so I don’t get to see him at work anymore.

This and this are just for him.

(Let me know your favorites!)

Eric shares with us his gratitude for today:
I am grateful that I am not nearly as stupid as most people.

I’m reminded on a daily basis, especially by the ones that call me up here at the *other job* that I have a capable mind that I am grateful for.

(See why I miss him?)



After two months of parking on the street, I have a parking spot on the Main Lot!

I was supposed to park in the per diem/Producer’s Lot, but it is on the opposite site of the lot that we’re on. It was much easier to park on the street, even though I had to compete for space with these gross, grungy buses. (More on that later in another post.)

Starting today, I have my own parking spot on the lot! They’re going to paint my name there, too!


Rejected slogans…

One of the cool things Heather implemented when she jazzed up my blog was the cool little rotating blog title thing on the browser bar. (Sorry, not quite awake yet & definitely not being articulate right now.)

I saw that Annie used the The Advertising Slogan Generator to generate hers so I did the same.

Hit ‘refresh’ a few times and you’ll get to see cool (and semi-cool) sayings like:

-Got jozjozjoz?

-If Only Everything in Life was as Reliable as jozjozjoz

-Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s jozjozjoz (my personal favorite)

Here are some of the REJECTED slogans (and why I rejected them)…
Continue reading ‘Rejected slogans…’ brings you here!

So, I finally figured out how to forward my domain name to point here.

It’s called giving-my-password-to-Mike-and-making-him-do-it.

I’m really not THAT big of a technodunce. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me.

Anyway, you can now type in to find me. Less keystrokes. Not much else changes.

Color Vision Deficiency Test

Have you ever wondered if you were color-blind?

Here’s a cool test you can do to see how you fare…

Thanks to Sonia for this one!

More icy treats

If I’m out and about and have no Melona, I sometimes like to indulge in the occasional ice cream treat.

The illustrious Robyn was talking about the Marble Slab which got Yvonne talking about Cold Stone Creamery.

Better than those, or even Charly Temmel, I LOVE Maggie Moo’s. I’ve only had it when I was living in Washington DC because they hadn’t made their way here yet.

Need one on 3rd Street Promenade, dammit.


Can you get a headache from eating too much garlic?

Last night, my Hunny and I were able to spend a few quality hours together in the evening. The plan was originally to go watch the Matrix: Reloaded, but instead, we had dinner and went shopping at Costco. God, we’re so boring sometimes.

But any awake-time I get to spend with Hunny is great, mostly because with my job(s) & long commute, I’m always excessively tired & turn rapidly into a babbling idiot in the evenings.

Since I got to leave work early yesterday, we planned to go to dinner at one of our favorite eateries (right across the street from Costco!), Alejo’s. They have this signature fresh garlic oil that would ward off vampires for miles. I eat tons of it every time I go and reek for garlic for days. It’s a total dive, located in a strip mall next to a donut shop. But the prices are pretty reasonable & you get decent-sized portions. We go there even though they got a “B,” which is slightly disconcerting, but as Hunny pointed out, “It’s ok. Garlic kills everything!” (I love the Daily Bruin’s headline: Alejo’s cuisine stinks thanks to the goodness of garlic)

After we finished up at Costco, Hunny sat in bed reading the “Trading SpacesBehind the Scenes book that was purchased at Target earlier that day. (I’m going to pretend like Hunny WASN’T looking at Genevieve and Amy Wynn’s boobs.) I sat in front my of computer and chatted with Mikey2 and he said that “If it were a Friday night and I were home with my Hunny… I’d wanna cuddle or sumfin.”

Well, me too, but we both reeked of garlic. “Get away” were the last words that Hunny had said to me before banishing me out of the bedroom. I fully intended to (and did) get my snugglies a little later when my garlic breath was pointed in the OPPOSITE direction.

I should never eat so much garlic at one sitting. I had the strangest nightmare last night involving being stuck in a baseball stadium and going up and down stairs in a tiny stairwell that was only big enough for one person at a time. And there was some mattress-testing (not THAT, you perv, like seriously, “What do you think of this mattress?”) going on at my nightmare-workplace. My nightmare-boss was a crusty, old, white dude who kept asking me to answer the phones in Mandarin.

I’m thinking all that was at least partially garlic-induced. I’m thinking that this headache I’m currently nursing is, too.

I woke up still rank of garlic, but at least I know there was no “unwanted vampirism” (as Mike put it) in my dreams.

I’m going to stink for days.


Just added blogasm to my blogroll…

I put on my robe and wizard hat.

I was surfin’ Ernie’s mini-blog (how cool is it that he has a mini blog?!?!) and saw a link to this. Eric Rice rules!

Maybe I need to get myself one of those shirts!


Head to Carly’s for a short, fun little game she’s got going on there.

And she’s even offering a prize, too!

Clomp, clomp, clomp!

Our office is located on the top floor of a sound stage.

Evidently, there are guys on the roof doing something today.

All I hear and feel is the *clomp, clomp, clomp!* on the roof. It’s disturbing and I wish it’d stop.


On the bright side, I just found out that I get to leave at noon (if my work is done)!

On the not-so-bright-side, I also found out that they are having “Aloha Friday” today downstairs. They are all so cute, running around with leis around their necks and drinking pseudo-mai-tais. [sigh.]

No one gave me a lei. :(

I miss out on all the good stuff being up in this office.

Forget ice cream sandwiches…

No choco tacos

Screw Klondike bars

My favorite icy delights are Melona bars. (Not to be confused with the Korean porn chick Melona.)


The original ‘melon-flavored’ (hence the name “Melona”) are definitely the best, but the strawberry ones are choice, as well. [Did I really just call something “choice?!”]

Heidi blogged about them a while ago and I’m shamelessly stealing her description of them…
Made in Korea, Melona looks like a pastel-green, single Popsicle. It’s made of water, molasses, skim milk powder, sugar and melon flavor. Each 2.46-ounce bar contains 5 grams of fat, 4 of them saturated, and 19 grams of carbohydrate, including 15 grams of sugar. Price is about 79 cents.

Unfortunately, the ice cream truck guy doesn’t sell them, so I’m with Yvonne on being an ice-cream-truck-guy-hater.

Can it really be?!

My blog is working AND is looking good?!


I *smoosh* Mike and Heather!

Is this something to be proud of?

Ah, the infamous Spark Slut Test

How do you fare?

It’s ok!

Mike rebuilt my blog for me from ground up last night… he is just sooooo nice to me! Yay!!!

Now we’re just testing to see that everything works… we’ll make it look nice again LATER!

The verisimilitude of a blog

Could it be?! An errorless blog?
Continue reading ‘The verisimilitude of a blog’

Help from a long time ago


Watch out. Don’t freak out if my blog disappears, looks funny, etc, etc.


I don’t know what to do.

These blog bloops are pissing me off, and though Mel has been nice enough to offer to host me, I don’t want to be a mooch off her any more than I already am to Mike.

The other Mike has been helping me research hosting solutions [Hey! Mike! I remembered it! It’s NOT icdadkfj;!] & I think it just might be time for me to get my own home.

In the meantime, here is a list of the things I remember blogging about before they got deleted. I wish I could recreate them, but alas. This is the best I think we’ll have.

-Monday, Monday… exhausted from weekend. Wanted a coffee I.V.

-Something about Dancing Goats/Monkey Doody/Monkey Poop coffee (with links to Adam Chester)

-Eric points out that the coffee should really be “Marsupial Poop” (not monkey), but I said that I knew they weren’t actually monkeys, but “Monkey Doody” sounded better than “Marsupial Doody”

-Reason #23241 of why I love Eric: he’s a freak and has funny away messages. Oh, and I linked back to our works of art, too.


Not only has my blog been down for most of the day, my last few entries have *POOF!* vanished!


Yes, the comments work

Ok, there are some screwy, screwy things going on with my blog.

I know there are abundant error messages, but rest assured, your comments are posted.

They may not be emailed to me like they used to, but they’re there.

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