This is Terra

This is Moca’s trusty companion, Terra.

I don’t know what kind of dog Terra is. Do you?

Terra is very sweet and excitable. Unfortunately, when she gets too excited, she just can’t hold it in & she piddles everywhere.

She has pokey toenails that jab me deeply (and painfully) when she decides she wants to jump on me, which, unfortunately, is pretty often. [Please don’t suggest she needs a pedicure. They don’t help & result in her pointy toenails being EVEN SHARPER.]

Terra is also orally-fixated & can usually be seen running around with a shoe/toy/slipper/bone in her mouth. These are rare shots as Terra has nothing in her mouth.

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5 Responses to “This is Terra”

  • Terra looks like my dog Nellie. Sadly enough both Terra and Nellie have the same piddling problem when excited….it’s been 2 1/2 years now and still the piddling continues..

  • She is cute *S*
    I don’t kow what kinda dog she is though..
    Make her some thick socks.. they’ll save you a scratch or 2 LOL ;)

  • Sonia’s got a good idea. Very adorable dog. Wendy and I have been contemplating acquiring a dog or two but seeing as just moved to a new home and there are still quite a few things we need to do construction wise, we’re having to wait for a while unfortunately.

  • your dog is…a black and white doggie :D

  • She’s a Border Collie. Maybe some sort of mix.

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