How did this happen?

I found out that on March 3, 2003 (03/03/03), evidently my site was #24 in the Top 25 most popular sites according to Popdex.

How the hell did that happen?

That would be above #29 (The Battlestar Galactica site) and #32 (Wired News: Monkeylike Baby Bot Meets World). I’m in shock and awe.

It must have been The Infamous Check.

Are you sick of seeing this yet? And “hi” to Kristina and her harem!

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11 Responses to “How did this happen?”

  • that is too great and too funny! Omg, you rock!

  • That is top shelf!!! That is some GOOD STUFF!!

  • Are we related Joz?

    Less than a month ago I was *extremely* tempted to write a check for a bullshit ticket too to the name of City of Fucking Long Beach.

    So, did you send it? I am anxious in knowing if they said anything…he he he….

  • Yes, I did send it.

    If you click on the links on “The Infamous Check” you can see the other times I’ve written about this (including the story of how I got the ticket in the first place).

  • omg .. that still cracks me up!!

  • Hell if I know how you ended up # 24? :)

  • That is the most awesome check EVER.

  • I did something similar a few years back because a faulty parking meter “expired” on me when I know I was supposed to have at least another hour. As a result, I got my first, and last, ticket. Sent in a check much like yours, full of outrage and denial, writing in the comment line: “The fucking meter is faulty, look into it.”

    Three weeks later I got a letter in the mail stating: “Thank you for notifying us. The problem has since been rectified. Enclosed you should find a refund check in the amount of 45$ (the amount of the ticket). Have a nice fucking day.” I shit you not, that is exactly what it said. I think it was that day I decided that not all politicians were bad…just the vast majority…

  • the check is now my wallpaper, again

  • That’s great…did they cash it??

    I’d be nervous to do that. People in LA have absolutely no sense of humor. I’d be afraid they’d haul me out in a straight jacket for some Clockwork Orangish deprogramming.

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