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An Easter Treat for Coley


coley: they’re showing an all time easter favorite… 10 commandments
jozjozjoz: geez… that’s such a long movie!
coley: 10 hour movie
jozjozjoz: an hour for each commandment
coley: lol. rameses in this movie looks sexay
jozjozjoz: hahaha. i can see it now… famous quotes from coley “rameses looks sexay”
coley: shush. lol. he does. especially with that braid hanging off the back of his head. good sex prop.
jozjozjoz: too late! it goes out on my blog!
coley: ahahah. lol
jozjozjoz: doh. i can’t find a photo of him online.
coley: i’m trying to find one
jozjozjoz: hahaha. we are both doing the same thing
coley: yeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh buddy. yul brynner. he was russian too. foreign. just like how i want them.
jozjozjoz: hahaha. you are cracking me up

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