Daily Archive for April 20th, 2003

I’m a ramen retard.

I am so ill, but it’s my own damn fault.

I ate instant ramen. Ew. Blech. I can feel the sodium coursing through my veins.

I ate Cup Noodles while chatting with Bootsy and Oomphie (yes, I have her permission to call her that!).

Can I blame them for my binge?!

Maybe I should have gone to Asahi Ramen… and I know fresh ramen is better, but who has time to make it themselves?!

joz butt…




Whoo hoo!

Armafair made it feel like my birthday by making me a button!

Finally, I feel like I’m in the big leagues (well, big something, anyway!)

Feel free to link me or even to make me another (if you so feel the need)!

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