How do you remove a dry erase marker stain?

This isn’t supposed to be “clever” or “funny.”

Seriously, I dropped a marker and my shirt blocked the fall.

I was given a BRAND NEW shirt and got it stained the second day I had it.



MORE: It was lavender shirt vs. black dry erase marker.

Right now, the score is
Shirt: 0
Marker: 1

And I’ve already tried to spot remove it (tried soap, shampoo, detergent). The stain is a little lighter… but not much. [sigh]

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11 Responses to “How do you remove a dry erase marker stain?”

  • LMAO!!

    Sorry I am not laughing really ;)
    I’m not sure how to get it out :(

  • I got this off

    Texta / Water-based Ink

    1. Soak the garment overnight with one Omo High Performance tablet dissolved in 5 liters of water. The soaking water should be as hot as the fabric will allow. Rub carefully around the edge of the stain before leaving to soak. Always check for colourfastness and dye stability before soaking.

    2. Wash as normal.

    NOTE: Complete removal of ink can be very difficult to achieve.

  • has a ton of cleaning tips

  • my thoughts: chuck that shirt in the trash and don’t feel guilty about going to buy a new one

    new shirt: 1
    credit card: 0

  • If the shirt wasn’t a GIFT, then it wouldn’t be such a big deal…

  • Hair spray has worked on ink stains for me…

  • I was going to suggest hairspray as well, but I don’t know if it will work after you have gotten the stain wet.

  • You should talk to the guy who does all the “oxyclean” commercials. He seems to think oxyclean will work on anything… probably only works on organic stains, really. (blood, urine, wine, semen, the like). ;-)

  • I had the same think happen to my daughters brand new shirt she got for her birthday yesterday. I have tried all the regular tricks hairspray, dawn, oxy-clean it not abudgin’

  • I got these cute pants from old navy that are redish pink and my children drop a marker on them and it sat all night on them in the morning it look pretty bad. I tryed carbona leavel 3 stain removel and it got most of it out, but their still is a little bite left. I also tryed oxy-clean it did nothing. I have had these pants sitting now for 3 days in water and try every night to get it out. help

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