Daily Archive for April 3rd, 2003

Washington DC, Day 3

Can I even remember that far back? It was only a week ago, but I can’t really recall what the heck I did that day. I knew I should have written it down while it was still fresh. Darn.

Let’s see…

I remember that we spent Tuesday night/Wednesday morning in Warrenton (I got up early even though I’d stayed up to an insanely late hour). We headed to downtown Warrenton and drove around the Airlie House. I felt like such an L.A. girl DRIVING everywhere… but it was POURING rain, so I didn’t feel too guilty about all the driving.

We headed back to the city we wanted to see if the cherry blossoms had bloomed. Alas, the one disappointment about the trip was that I was about a week too early to see them.

That night, I think met my friend Ann at Dupont Circle and we had dinner at this awesome Cuban food place near the Capitol. Yummy. :)

Pleasant day, despite the rain. :)

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