Daily Archive for April 2nd, 2003

Whole lot o’ neglectin’ goin’ on… too busy drinkin’ a mai tai!

I thought that I’d be able to blog more since I’ve now returned from my trip to Washington DC, but ironically, I am even busier now than I was before/during the trip. Go figure.


Monday night, I went out for drinks at the (famous) Formosa Cafe with a really cool bunch of folks. The photo above is where we were sitting the other night. We didn’t know who were in 90% of the photos on the wall.

The waitress (who’d worked there for 28 years, she said) kept pushin’ their “famous mai tai” on us, so we all went for it. The first two sips were good. At the third sip, you realize that all the alcohol is already gone & all you have is some watered down juice at the bottom of your glass.

Oh well, the good company made it a worthwhile evening out.

Maybe next time, I’ll have to order an x-rated cocktail, instead.

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