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Adam and the Chesters

My snail mailbox was jam-packed full of stuff yesterday. Unfortunately, it was all junk and bills, with the exception of my Adam Chester CD, You Don’t Know Me… From Adam.

So I’m groovin’ to Waitin’ On You, my favorite words-and-music-by-adam-chester song on the CD. My fave track on the CD is Adam’s piano acrobatics on Moon River.

Gotta love Mancini. Henry. Not Hugo.
– – – – –
You can see Adam as the one man band for the J. Keith van Straaten Show. Study this before you go.

We Must Be Giants

In my “spare time,” I’m the Office Manager for Vox Femina Los Angeles.

For our Board Meeting next week, we have to change our location to one of the classrooms in the building instead.

By classroom, I mean one of those rooms where everything is built for small children.

Here was my plea for help… oddly enough, no one responded with an offer to assist.

—Excerpt begins here—
I will be at the office after 4:30, so if anyone can come around 5:45 to help me move tables into our meeting room, that would be great. Otherwise, we can pretend we are giants and have our meeting in teeny tiny chairs and tables. I’m sure Phil would especially appreciate that.
—Excerpt ends here—

Phil is our resident giant. We love him.

Whoo hooo!

After two weeks (ok, more like two days in two separate weeks) of having dismal luck posting and publishing at, Mike has made my new venture into blogging much less frustrating.

insignifica, indeed.



I gave up. First it won’t post. Then it won’t publish. Is it a wonder that it’s been two weeks since I’ve even tried?!


OMG… it worked! Just like that! How did that happen? I only spent hours getting errors yesterday and I did the exact same thing!

Anyway, so Teresita woke me up this morning at 6:45 (extremely early for me) to tell me the good news that hasn’t happened yet. She says it’s coming this afternoon… now I can’t go back to sleep…

I don’t know if I’m ready to start keeping a blog of my own or if random readers will happen to find it. Oh well. I love Wil Wheaton’s site and Mike says it’s not as intimidating as it seems. Who knows how long this’ll last…


Day 2. Still attempting Post 1. Patience: 0.

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